Monday, August 12, 2013

The Hunt and Happiness

Hello all family and friends.
I hope life at home is well. This week hasn't been too hot. Just like I hear it was in Texas, it rained around Monday or Tuesday, and really cooled everything off. No hail this time (at least I don't think there was). Thankfully we wake up at 6:30 am and the storm rolled in around 6:15 am, so I was woken up around that time to loud thunder and lightening. I quickly got up to close the windows, and then went back to sleep for 10 minutes before getting up. It really cooled the whole area down though. We went from finally hitting 40°C, down to being 23 - 27°C for the day. This morning was actually quite chilly riding our bikes.
An exciting adventure from the week, Elder Baldwin found some information about people who had been baptized in Celje years ago that missionaries had left behind. One of these, was a woman who lived in a small town called Žalec just outside of Celje to the west. About a month ago, Elder Simon and I went there to try and contact her, to find she no longer lived there. We talked to the neighbors, who said she moved some 10 years ago with her parents and lived somewhere just south of Žalec. Then, Elder Baldwin found this gold mine and we discovered missionaries had visited her parents back in 2002, and had the address of her new place!! We put it into Google maps, and got directions, and then, last Thursday, went looking for her. It was actually a nice bike ride along the Savinja river for about 30 minutes (about 9km). A bit rocky in places, but eventually, we found our way. After missing a turn or two, we know we are close and are driving by these old brown looking houses when we see the address plate on the side of the house... THAT'S IT! We stop, I double check the address, and walk up to the gate with the dog barking. We talk to her dad, who invites us in for sok (juice), and quickly discover that this less active member who hasn't had contact with anyone from the church now lives somewhere in Italy. It was a fun adventure, and her dad was a colorful guy who ultimately wasn't interested, but incredibly friendly.
This week has felt like it has been a decade long, but at the same time I barely feel like it should be p-day yet. Life is amazing and so incredibly exciting. I'm so glad to be here to work with Elder Baldwin and help the people in Celje.
Lepo se imejte!!
-Starešina Benson

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