Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Moving forward. Thanksgiving is coming!!!

Servus (there's some Celje speak if you want some)

This week has been... wet. And dark. And even more wet. And even wetter. So much rain. I'm pretty sure it rained every single day nearly nonstop for the past week until today. I think I only saw the sun once this last week. But the good news is that it is over now!! (hopefully). This morning the dark clouds rolled past and the sun (kind of) came out!! But it got really cold. I hear it is supposed to be really cold from here on out, which, means that the snow and ice are not far out.

But in happier news, the Christmas lights are starting to come out!! And Thanksgiving is on Thursday!! Which of course does not exist in Slovenija, but it exists for missionaries!! So I got a 4 kilo(10 lb) pumpkin today from the open air farmers market in center for some wonderful homemade pumpkin pie (which baffles all the Slovenes minds. Pumpkin pie does not even come close to existing here).

This week has been a fine week as well. One of the people we meet with has begun to show real interest in what we teach and is sincerely trying to learn to understand how to come closer to God. We also have had contact with pretty much all the people we meet with, and have set up with most everyone for this week. (which makes a really really busy week since we will be short a day of the week with Thanksgiving.) 

English class here has also taken off. This last week we have had 9 new people come and join. The beginning English class I am teaching now is probably one of the biggest English classes I have ever taught. 

Our less active who was gone for 8 years is still solid. Has not missed a single Sunday for the last three weeks since he came the first time in Celje. And he is starting to see his outlook on life completely change because he has been coming. That instead of just doing things now and in the moment, he said he has been thinking of his actions and more of their long term consequences. We also discussed his goals with his family, and how he will still personally progress.

This week I also spoke in Sacrament meeting. It was on missionary work, but tailored it more to the needs of the branch. If I have time I might write it out.

Thanksgiving is of course this week, but Slovenija is going to be cut in half instead of together. Maribor is going to come down here to Celje and we are going to have Thanksgiving together with the senior couple the Lamberts here, while the Ljubljana missionaries are going to stay in Ljubljana and spend the day with an American family which just moved to Slovenija a few months ago. But it should be still wonderful.

What else is new? It gets dark here really early now. It is almost completely dark by 4pm now. Which is right now actually 16:18pm, which is what, 11:18 Texas time? It is strange, but what can you do. Life will be much better once the Christmas lights turn on in the beginning of December. They add so much cheer to everything!!! :-)

I don't know what else to add. this week is going to be wonderfully busy and full of miracles. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!! (warm and dry at that)

-Starešina Benson

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