Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Safe in Zagreb

Dravo friends and family!
Hope all is well back home! I had a nice little 25 hour flight to Zagreb and I am here in the mission office in Zagreb. I should find out who my new companion is tomorrow, and where I should be for the next little bit... exciting!!
So to briefly fill you in on what has happened since the last week. we finished our last week in the MTC, said goodbyes, had two new districts come into our branch to pass leadership off to, and then headed to the airport on the way to Zagreb. Met a ton of people on the way here, an awesome hippyish-hipsterish girl in the Chicago airport, a man from Czechoslovakia on the flight to Zagreb. And then here in Zagreb, we just had lunch and then an assistant to the president, Elder Bishop and I, went out to talk to people on the street. Awesome people. The place is amazing! They don't seem to be big fans of air conditioning, but then again it's fine. The mission office is in the city center with all these old buildings around (it is actually in an old building). It's amazing how many people here can speak English! Pretty much every person we talked to could speak English. Some better than others, but that is good. The food is amazing here too, the one meal I've had. The juice. Oh man.
Not a lot else to report. I'm alive here in the middle of southern Europe now. All is well.
-Elder Benson

Elder Benson with President and Sister Rowe

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