Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall is turning

Dober dan moyi prijateli! (Good day my friends!)

Hope all is well at home. Life is great here in Kranj. the seasons are
definitely changing and thankfully it has been warmer today than it
was last week. Granted that didn't stop all the rain from falling this
week, but still that only makes the place even more green. Sometimes
when I walk around I just think how this place is probably as close as
you could get to the garden of Eden. Eveything is green, and blooming,
and there are fruit trees everywhere (especially apples). It rained a
lot this week though. Thankfully mostly during the night. The river
running by Kranj flooded its banks and tripled in size, but has been
getting calmer and more turquoise every day.

Beyond the flood, not too much has changed. The people are still as
nice as ever, especially compared to people in Ljubljana (the
capital). Walking down the street in Ljubljana is a sad experience
because whenever you say hello to someone, they don't even look at
you, just keep their heads down and keep on walking. But the people
here in Kranj are amazing! They all respect us and what we are doing
and it always seems to put a smile on their face when we say Živijo to

So yesterday, Sunday, was district conference at the Church here in
Ljubljana. Many members from all over Slovenija came down, (from Celje
and Maribor) along with the rest of the missionaries. President Rowe
came up from Zagreb, and we had an Area Seventy (So in the new
testament, Jesus called his twelve apostles, then also a quorum of
seventy to minister) there as well from Switzerland. It was an amazing
conference! It is interesting having all the talks given in either
Slovene or English, but it is always helping my Slovene to get better.
I still have issues understanding people, but it is getting better
every day. And my talking ability is better and better also.

In the middle of conference, we had a rest hymn, and then President
Juhart (the district president for the church in Slovenija) asked that
Sister Rowe, then President Rowe, then Elder Benson would give
testimonies! I had no idea I was going to be asked to bear a testimony
here before all the members in Slovenia! A little freaked out, I had
to figure out if that was what he really said (it was announced in
Slovene), then seek inspiration on what I said.

I said a prayer and a scripture came to mind, Alma 32 on the seed of
faith. From this inspiration and through the Holy Spirit in the
moment, speaking from the stand, God gave me the words to say.
That I gave the word of God, the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, a
place in my heart as to like a seed, testing it. Because it was a good
seed of truth, it grew and became a great tree, and bore fruit more
delicious and beneficial to my life than I could even imagine, even
the pure, constant, and unchanging love of God and Christ. Having
tasted of this fruit, I know that the seed I planted is true. Action
is demanded when an undeniable witness is given. I am here in Slovenia
to further cultivate more fruits, in the people of Slovenia and the
members here as well. That the fruit, the pure love of Christ
unrestrained can be shared among all people. And how great is the joy
and how greater shall be the joy in the coming months. The work I do
now is not just for two years though, but is an eternal work. As life
is eternal, so shall be the joy made because of the efforts I labor

I hear the seasons are changing back home as well! Mail is a bit odd
since it must come from Zagreb, but I will get it before too long.

Much love!

-Elder Benson

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