Monday, October 15, 2012

Winter is on it's way and so is success!!

Pozdrav family and friends!!

A lot has changed in the last week in Slovenia (at least here in
Kranj). The weather first of all has taken a steep nosedive into the
cold side. The sunny, warm days I fear are over for the next four
months. I don't think I've seen a clear sky since one day where we had a lot of rain at night. It's actually kind of reminded me of the winters in Texas. Probably in the 40's at night and topping out
in the 60's during the day with mist (SO MUCH FOG) and overcast skys.
Raining every day or two lightly. Elder Hardy says this is kind of
what it's like all winter, except for mist is light snow, and much
more brutally (at least for my taste) cold. Being in the highest
elevation town with missionaries doesn't help either. But at least
it'll probably look really nice, and I still have some time to get more
clothes before the winter fully descends.

The work has also largly picked up as well. People who disappeared for
a little bit have recontacted us, and we've found some incredibly
prepared people. We've contacted a lot of people who have met with
missionaries before and are interested in meeting again, too.
Furthermore, our less active member buddy from Tržič moved to a town
closer to Kranj. We visted him at his new place (really nice!) and had
a great discussion about the temple. We committed him to begin
preparing to go to the temple and he accepted!

For those unfamiliar with the temple, The Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints builds temples as worshipers of God have through all
time (until the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem in aprox.
70AD). From Moses' time, (and even before including the mountain tops
of the early patriarchs). Temple worship has played a central role in
the worshiping God. The temple was used by Christ as a primary place
he taught at, and it continued to be following his death,
resurrection, and acension by the apostles. (Acts 5:42)

As God is an unchangable and eternal God, temples are important to
Him. While the exact purposes and implementation of the temple has
changed through time (from the mountain tops, to the Tablernacle, to
Solomon's, to Herod's temple), the significance of the temple has not
changed. Just as in Christ's and the Apostles' time, the temples of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints today are places where we learn more about
our Savior and our Father's eternal plan for us.

We invite all people everywhere to prepare to enter the temple. But
just as God is perfect and holy, we need to live our lives to the best
of our abilities to be able to be worthy to enter his holy house:
standards of living taught by His prophets throughout time. Not even
all members of the church can enter. And so, it is our invitation to
everyone, regardless of where you are spiritually in your life, and
regardless of the groove you have set yourself in, to enter the

I know the peace, blessings, and strength that comes from the temple
is a true blessing in life and is unlike anything else. A temple is a
house of the Lord, set apart to be holy, and so the communication
between God and us, his children, easily comes. I know that God is
unchangable and eternal, and is a constant in my life and anyone's
life. Our relationship with Him and his Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ
is the greatest thing we can build on earth. From this relationship,
we recieve direction, comfort, and a greater understanding of who we
are, things needed even more so in this increasingly complicated and
darkening world.

I pray everyone at home is in good health and safe spirits.
Be strong!

-Starešina Benson

P.S. We have a Zone meeting (all the missionaries in Slovenija) tomorrow
with President Rowe in Ljubljana. I should be getting mail. Expect
responses in the next two weeks.

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