Tuesday, June 25, 2013

No letter but new bikes

Dear Readers,

No e-mail was received this week, only a reply to his parents letter.  Here is an interesting side note from Elder Benson this week.

Twyla Benson "Mom"

Elder Simon and I bought bikes last month at the police auction, mine for €25! And then I had to get all the things for it, a helmet mainly.   In total it has been probably €80.

We are using the bikes A LOT. They are absolutely wonderful and save so much time! We live in Nova Vas (an area in Celje to the north of center) and before it was a 30 minute walk to church every Sunday, and another 30 minute walk back home. Now it is only about 10 minutes each way. Saves a ton, TON of time. Elder Simon however didn't buy as good a bike I think though. His gears aren't working right now and will have to take it into a shop soon to get it fixed. Until then he's stuck in like 2nd gear perpetually.

Such is life as a missionary.

-Starešina Benson

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