Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Autumn Days

Zdravo! Lep Pozrav, itd...

The weather is absolutely WONDERFUL!!!!!!!  Since I always start with the weather update I figure we should just get that out of the way. This week has been absolutely amazing, Occasionally fog in the mornings, but it is a nice warm fall. I remember this time last year was the first snow fall, but it doesn't look like it will snow this year in October. Usually it has been in the 20's (70's) recently for the highs. Cool enough to wear a light jacket outside, but you might roll up the sleeves if you're outside too long. Its great for just leaving the window open all day and night though.

So this week we had the European day light savings time.... At least I think it is different here than in America. We all fell back one hour. One of our members gave us a heads up about it some weeks ago, but I didn't fully trust it, so I kept it in mind as I went to bed and expected that my phone would automatically switch the time if he was really telling the truth. This was really easy since our phone is our alarm clock. So I go to sleep without changing anything, and we wake up, go over, turn it off, and find that all our other clocks say 6:30 also. Huh. I guess the time didn't change. So we go through our morning, when we start talking with the sisters who are also nervous about the time change. After it gets a little later, they call that member who gave us the heads up and he said.. Yep! It sure did change. None the less, I still didn't believe him, so I called another member a little bit later and he said, Yep! It's 8 right now, not 9..... Uh oh. Oops. We just accidentally woke up at 5:30. Oh well.This morning we woke up at ˝6:30˝ But I think I was still up earlier. It just happens when you are used to waking up at the same time every day for more than a year!

This week we had excellent visits with our less active members. None of them came to church unfortunately (Sunday was a very very strange day), but many of them, and the members who didn't come had fair reasons.... (Which still aren't really excuses, but oh well!)

Specifically, the girlfriend of the member who has been inactive for 8 years is really starting to show interest in the gospel. We had a visit with them on Thursday after they came to church for the first time in Ljubljana on Sunday. It was a great visit and we had a good chat and watched the restoration movie together in Slovene. Unfortunately, when we asked his girlfriend if she wanted to join us for the lesson she thought about it, then said no... What can you do? Can't force anyone into the gospel.

None the less, we went on with the conversation and started to watch the movie after setting it up. After about 5-10 minutes though, his girlfriend comes around the corner into the room for a snack and sees we are watching a movie, and stands in the doorway watching it with us!! After a few minutes, she sits down next to her boyfriend and watches intently. She was in and out of the visit from there on out, but stayed for most of the rest of the movie. She isn't quite learning from us yet, but she is definitely on the way, and is definitely interested.

Also, Saturday Celje hosted a great ˝Kostan Piknik˝ -Chestnut Picnic. It was excellent and members from Maribor and Ljubljana came as well. Some less actives and investigators from Celje came as well. It was a great success.

What else is going on this last week? Elder Lyman is amazing. The Sisters are doing well. Sister Legro goes home in a few weeks. Her parents are coming over to visit and pick her up. Friday is the 1st of November. Dan Mrtveh - Day of the dead. MASSIVE holiday here in Slovenija. Halloween basically doesn't exist. Elder Wilson is coming up here to Celje tomorrow for the day for an exchange. It will be fun. We have a lot scheduled tomorrow.

Hope all is well and warm at home. Be safe and strong till the end!

-Starešina Benson

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