Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Wonderful Days Past and Ahead!

Hello all family and friends!!!

Life is wonderful and cool in Slovenia. the rain has mostly stopped

though which is a big plus.

This week has been a bit crazy, and from last Sunday, I've been with

three different companions. It started out of course with Elder
Baldwin going back to Croatia (he's in Zadar now on the coast for his
last transfer before he goes home) while Elder Merl who serves in
Montenegreo (who is from Austria) came up to Celje. He was here Sunday
night, Monday, and Tuesday. We then went down to Zagreb on Wednesday
to meet our new companions we are training.

Those few days with Elder Merl was honestly one of the most fun

exchanges I've ever been on. We had a great time at FHE. Then Tuesday
was wonderful as we went out and did a ton of missionary work. We
taught a few people and found an inactive member I haven't taught in
about 5 months. He was a bit apprehensive with the language, but that
is understandable.

Then Wednesday I met my new companion, Elder Lyman!!! Elder Lyman is

wonderful. he is from Cedar City Utah in southern Utah and is 18. His
Slovene is fine. better than mine was back in the dark ages of my
first days. He got here and we have really hit the streets. It feels
so good to work so hard.

Last night we also had a wonderful lesson with the less active women

we've been meeting with. The branch president came with us (he had
first priority since he is her home teacher) and was amazing. He was
bold, we invited with power, and the Spirit was very present. It was
one of the best lessons I have ever had with her. As she was closing,
in her prayer she asked for the ability and strength to be able to go
to general conference next week in Ljubljana. When we left, she
thanked us some five times for the visit. It was wonderful. It would
be ironically wonderful if her first time to church in months is in
Ljubljana instead of at home in Celje. But no complaints.

It has been a wonderful week and it is looking like it is going to be

just as wonderful if not even more next week.
Hope you all enjoy your weeks!!

-Starešina Benson

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