Monday, September 30, 2013


Lep pozdrav!!
Transfers this week!! Guess what is changing! I'm not. Well, my companion is. Elder Baldwin is going back to Croatia, to Zadar on the coast for his last 6 weeks. Meanwhile, I'm going to be training again!!!   I'm only about 98% sure that his name is Elder Lyman... aaaaand that is pretty much all I know about him. I'm so excited!! I have so many plans for this next transfer!! We are going to go and get to work like work have never been defined ever before. Meanwhile, Kranj is being reopened!! With Sisters. Sister Fugal from Ljubljana and Sister Kovač from Maribor are reopening it. But in other fun and exciting news, we got a call from the assistants in Zagreb that they wanted Elder Baldwin to come down to Zagreb on Sunday night, so... no, I'm not in Zagreb right now, I'm still in Celje, but I do have a temporary companion. His name is Elder Merl. He is currently the only companionship in Montenegro and is going to be training also this transfer. He's also from Austria and is super awesome. We'll be together until Wednesday when we head down to Zagreb and meet our new companions.
This week, a fun little story is that we had a lesson with our awesome less active who we have been meeting with this last month on Saturday, and we had an active member set to come with us to visit with him. But at about 30 minutes till, we still hadn't heard anything from the active member. Nervous, I started looking around for another member, anyone who could come so we didn't go to him alone. Then, as we were finishing district meeting, the member who came to that (that in itself is another miracle story on how that district meeting even came together) was leaving when I realized, Hey!! Wait!! Do you have any time this evening? They did, and so we went on to our less active member friend to find...... he wan't home. Shoot. We all waited a bit outside his blok just to check to see if he was going to be late, when I realize and get the feeling, we haven't met with another less active person who lives close by this week. So I call her and she answers! She said she had just gotten home, and would love a visit, just to give her 30 minutes to get ready. So we wait a few more minutes with the active member and then head on over for a wonderful visit. We resolved her concern of sometimes losing courage and invited her to pray for strength and peace when those times come so she can do those things she knows are right. She has also been reading the scriptures every day for the last few weeks. You can see the change in her, and hope, despite the worsening weather, that she will soon return. She has already felt the prompting that she should come back, now it is just helping her have the peace and strength to help her act on it.
Amazing things are happening here in Celje with meeting with the less actives and people are progressing. I just hope to soon start to see the fruits of that. Also I hope to start seeing things changing with finding people who are interested in creating sacred coveneants with God as well. All in due time, which is God's time, not mine.
Here's a good Slovene farewell. There are literally millions of ways to say good bye and they try saying them ALL.
Srečno! Lepo se imejte! Fin bodi! Uživajte! Nasvidenje! Adijo! Čao! Lahko noč! Se slišamo! Se vidimo! Čao!
-Starešina Benson

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