Monday, September 16, 2013

Progress in the week

Hello all family and friends--

This week has been a sunny and cloudy week, but all around cooler. It
is definitely fall now.

This week, we had great success with our less active member who we
have been working with for the last month or so. We have met with him
every week now for three weeks, and he said he has started to pray
and read again. This last time however, we had a great lesson with him
reading from 3 Nefi 18. The best part of the lesson however, was as we
began, his little three year old daughter, who loves us, started making
a lot of noise, and so he asked her to go into the other room with his
girlfriend. She went, but she was still making a lot of noise. After a
few minutes however, the girlfriend in the other room started trying
to make the little girl quite because she wanted to listen to what we
were saying. After 15 or so minutes  of little success, the girlfriend
quietly came out of the room, and stood leaning into the doorway
listening to everything we said, staying there for some 15 minutes as
we finished up, rejecting the invitation to come join us, but staying
in the doorway listening. She seems like she is showing interest in
what we say, and could be open to the gospel!

At the end, we invited him, even them, to come on Sunday with us,
responding with that he hoped he would come. Then, we talked to his
little daughter who had come back and was listening and staring at us,
and showed her a picture of a church service we have in a brochure,
saying ˝This is us on Sunday. Look! There are other little kids there
too! Will you come with us on Sunday?˝ She answered ˝Ya! and daddy,
and brother, and daddy's girlfriend can come with us!˝ Unfortunately,
they didn't come this week, but we will meet with them again, and
further invite the Spirit to their house.

In other news, one of our star members here in Celje who smokes is
trying this week to quit smoking!!! We are behind him, and are going
to be doing the 1 week program we have to quit with him. Let's just
say grapefruit juice and mouthwash are wonderful!

Hope all is well and peachy back home!
-Cooler wishes coming your way-
-Starešina Benson

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