Monday, September 23, 2013

Families are the key to happiness

Hello all!!
Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of time to talk today. We're off to a castle called Trakošćan in Croatia, and then on to Varaždin in Croatia to spend some time with the missionaries there before heading back. None the less, amazing things are happening here!!
The big success of the week was with the less active who's been less active for some eight years, but with whom we've been meeting with regularly now for a month of so. This week, we invited one of the long time members, whom he knows from back in the day, to come with us and it was wonderful!! They talked for some 30 minutes before we started a spiritual discussion, catching up on their lives from the past years. Both have had kids and grand kids in the time, and lives have changed. But none the less, the memories they share are still there and happy. After a great short spiritual discussion about the nature of God and how He wants to bless us, especially focusing on our families and the goal for him to have an eternal family, punctuated on the two members talking again with more catching up, the member we brought suggested the idea of this week of inviting him and his family to her place to have a family home evening! He or we could prepare the short spiritual thought, the other a little game, and then she would bake some little small sweet treat for everyone. He excitedly said yes! So we will see. This should hopefully bring his comfort and build his faith to be able to return to all the members soon.
Besides this good work, we have transfers coming up next week. (every six weeks. Beginning of October is the new transfer) Chances are I will be training a new missionary, but we will see. Nothing is set in stone, ever. We'll find out the end of the week.
I heard it rained in Texas, finally! Enjoy the cooler, but still warm weather. It is damp and cool here. The fog has started to roll in in the mornings. I've started to have to keep a blanket with me in the mornings. But it is all good. It looks like a perfect sunny day today.
Lepo se imejte in srečno še naprej!
-Starešina Benson

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