Monday, February 17, 2014

This is life and it is amazing!

Hello all family,
The weather this week has actully been quite amazing. Up until today. The sun came out and I was actually able to see the mountains all around Ljubljana for the 3rd time since being here, despite having been here for more than a month now. Oh well. That is just winter, espceially in Ljubljana. But then today happened. The stuff falling from the sky right now is a varying mixture of snow, rain, and ice. So it is all quite nasty, especially when you add the wind into it all. But it should all be ending too. With the sun, we got the first taste of Spring, so it isn't too far away! Just a little strange though since Pust (Slovene halloween/groundhog day/festival) is still about 2 weeks out.
This week was a fine week. I went down to Zagreb for an exchange with the assistants, and learned that while I can somewhat speak croatian, and can understand most of it, I really just dont like the headache that comes with it all. So I am glad to be back in Slovenija.
Otherwise for the work this week- The 15 year old person we taught for the first time last week and then came to church with us, came again this week, just this time he brought his 17 year old friend with him! Elder Burdette met the friend on Tuesday while I was in Zagreb, and both committed to come to church with us. We then last night had another visit with them, where both were present, but then about a third of the way through, they got a call from another friend saying he was going to be there in 5 minutes! So he came - 16 years old, and we started teaching all three. The best part of it all though, was the 15 year old who is most committed, and when we were alone with him for a bit, told us that he knew that everything we said was true, especially about the restoration, and then proceeded to teach his 16 year old friend the restoration and first vision right in front of us! He is so great.
Otherwise this week we have a zone conference for all the Croation and Slovene missionaries in Zagreb. An Area authority, Elder Charles (Who came specifically to Slovenija some months ago for a fireside) is coming to focus specifically on the mission. This next few weeks should be crazy as we are going down on Wednesday, then we have to go back to a leadership council with him on Saturday. Back and forth to Zagreb a lot this week. But it should all be a geat and inspiring week. Lots of correction from the Lord should be coming. That is the best. Change is the best. This is life and it is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you all have a great and amazing and inspiring week as well!
Much care-
-Starešina Benson

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