Monday, February 10, 2014

More miracles, can you believe it?!?!?!?

Dober dan dragi prijatelji,
This week has been just as miraculous a week as was last week if that is even possible. The weather has still been quite dank and gloomy, but the work has been amazing.
This week, we met another friend of the member friend through whom we met the lady and her handicapped friend. This friend is a younger woman, about 26 years old, and is a law student at the university. She is incredibly energetic, and excited, and interested. What she is doing is organizing a free home makeover for them through the interior design school in Ljubljana, because of their disabled son. They were so grateful for how she was helping them, and so wanted to help her and return her kindness with the gospel of Jesus Christ. This family gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon for Christmas, and is excited to read it. After having met her and describing who we are, she was even more interested, especially in the aspect how our personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ is the center of everything we do and believe.
Otherwise the other great miracle story of the week was a young 15 year old guy we found. Elder Burdette found his mom about 4-5 months ago, and taught her at their home once, but after that she disappeared. Then, he went back a little later to invite them to the last all of Slovenia conference, but she wasn't home. However, her 15 year old son, whom he had briefly met when he had last been there was home, and so he invited him to church that Sunday, to which he came with a friend!! Then he disappeared, until this last Friday, when we went by his place again, and he was home. We talked with him, in which he shared a very personal spiritual experience and we taught the story of the restoration. We invited him to come to church then this Sunday with us, and he came with us. He had a great time, and was invited by the youth of the branch here to an activity. He is great, very sincere and humble, and prepared.
Otherwise this week I have an exchange in Zagreb tomorrow with the assistants. That will be fun. Ne mogu pričati na hrvaskoj. We will see how it goes.
Be great as you all are, and live towards a miraculous day every day!
-Starešina Benson

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