Monday, March 10, 2014

Happy Day

Živijo živijo

This week has been a fine week for Elder Burdette and I. We are still working with the two kids towards baptism, just we haven't been able to meet with them as often as possible to get them to baptism on the 15th, so the 15th won't go for them, but we are still meeting with them, and they still want to be baptized, just we will work out the timing with them and the Lord soon. We had a great lesson with the 17 year old yesterday, an'd he still really wants the power and change in his life, but will think and work it out with the Lord as to how.

We also took advantage of a little Slovene holiday called  ˝dan žena˝ or basically Woman's Day. We bought a bunch of flowers and went around surprising some of our members and less active members who haven't been to church in a long time. One of them, a younger woman, about 20 years old, she and her sister are members, but haven't come to church in some 8 years, but we have contact with them. Before we went over there, she told us she was in the hospital with her grandfather, and so we quickly stopped by another place and got flowers for her grandfather as well, and went to surprise her. She was so so so so so happy, and told us how the previous night had been so hard, but that we just brought this ray of light into her night which she had cried out all her tears. We later had a lesson with her sister, who is doing well, and should hopefully come this Sunday. It reminds me of the quote from the Joseph Smith movie, when he and his friends are serving this old lady, chopping wood, and she comes up to him and says, ˝Joseph! I may not agree with your religion, but I sure am grateful for your help.˝ Then he answers back, ˝Well ma'am, you might say that that is our religion.˝ It is so true! It is not just about sitting around and dreaming of our mansions above, but it is about going and doing, bringing smiles to people's faces and making people's days brighter. We need to take every opportunity we have to do this. This is what we believe and who we are!

Speaking of this Sunday however, we have district conference this weekend in Slovenija (basically stake conference, so it's all of Slovenija coming down to Ljubljana) and President Kearon who's the first councilor of the European area presidency is coming. If you remember, a year or so back he talked in conference about going walking in the desert without shoes against the council of his parents and got stung by a scorpion. It's super cool that such a high level general authority is coming for conference. Great things should happen, and it should be a super spiritual experience. We will see.

Afterwards we are going to have a dinner with all the missionaries in the zone (Slovenija) as well. It should be super great.

Otherwise the work is going ahead. We have transfers coming up this week. Actually, I feel like the last 9 weeks have gone by at lightning speed. I didn't even realize that it was the transfer up until we planned for our next week last Thursday, and I realized it was the last week in my planner. Super strange. Whatever changes happen, the Lord is in it. 

Well wishes from Slovenija,
have a happy week! Go make some one's day for me!  :-D
-Starešina Benson

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