Monday, March 3, 2014

Miracles moving forward

Lep pozdrav iz slovenije!-

Spring is coming for sure everyone!! It hasn't gotten below 0 in a long while now, the snow piles are pretty much all gone, and flowers are starting to pop up all other the place. It is a little sad though too to see the forests. some of it looks pretty bad after the ice storm Slovenia had last month. But the world is starting to wake up from winter. I've seen the alps out our window nearly every other day now instead of once a month!

This week has been a fine week. Moving on with the two kids who are set for baptism, we had an interesting week with them. We met both of them on Monday, to discover that Monday afternoon they had had a fight, and were no longer interested in being around each other. We set up with the younger one (15 years old) whom we have mainly been working with, while talking to his friend (17 years old), giving him our number and telling him to call us. Through the week, we met with the younger one with him again and resolved his concerns about baptism, but all the while we waited and waited for his friend to call us, but nothing happened. Then on Sunday, after not hearing at all from the 17 year old friend since Monday, we went on to the home of the 15 year old so we could all go to church together, but as we knocked on the door we soon discovered, no one was home. We, a little discouraged (but understanding! There has to be opposition in all things, if not we would not learn and there would be no true happiness with every success!!) we got on the bus and made it over to the church, meeting another member on the bus and the other elders. Then as we arrived at church, about 20 minutes early, we saw a few people standing just inside the doors, the sister missionaries, a visitor there for the first time.... and the 17 year old friend waiting for us!!!!! He came all on his own desire and effort. We hadn't had any contact with him since the prior Monday, and hadn't even discussed coming to church that Sunday! But as I told Elder Burdette when we were starting to close hope for him, ˝He may not know exactly where we are throughout the week, but he knows 100% where we will be on Sunday from 10am-1pm˝, and he came! What's more, he stayed all 3 hours of church, and called us later that day to set up for coming to a family home evening today with us and so we now have his number to contact him. It is all so wonderful, and a true miracle that it all worked out in the end. Just goes to show though that you can't despair at the first sign of opposition. Know it WILL come. But if your heart is in the right place, you believe, and trust that the Lord will win in the end (which he WILL), then you have no need to despair in the face of opposition.

Otherwise this week has been fairly bland. Elder Burdette and I have been working a bit to try and get set up with the people we usually meet with, but it is proving to be a bit tricky. Meanwhile doing our best to try and get out and meet new people. This is the wonder of life of a missionary! It is so exciting. You get to meet so many new people every single day.

Otherwise I hope spring (or if you are in Texas Summer since we really don't have a spring) is springing up there as well.

Well springing wishes!

-Starešina Benson

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