Monday, April 8, 2013

Modern Day Guidance

Pozdrav vsemu!

I hope all is warm and sunny at home. Today is the first day in a long long time I haven't seen any clouds in the sky. It is a very welcome sight. Many of the Slovenes around us say that this Winter has been incredibly long, unusually long, especially long, even if it wasn't too particularly harsh. But lots and lots of snow. The wild flowers started blooming long ago, but with the return of the cold, the trees decided to wait a few more weeks, or a month longer before they began blooming out. Soon however, it should be really nice.

The week in Celje has been a quick one. In many ways I can hardly believe that Monday is already here again. The cherry on the top of the cake however was definitely General Conference this weekend. Every six months, we have the opportunity to hear from living prophets and apostles and their council for our lives. It is a true and real blessing and evidence that the living Church of Christ is here on the earth again. As God gave us living prophets in the old testament, and Christ called apostles to guide his church during his life and especially after, we have this blessing here on the Earth again. The greatest blessing of course is the modern day council we receive from them. In many ways, the works of the ancient prophets and apostles are life changing and altering, while God still speaks to us through them and their words in council.  However, our times today are much different than they were back 2000+ years ago, with much different challenges and concerns. As such we have the guidance from God today for our support and direction for the new and unique challenges we face today.

As such God speaks to us today for our specific needs as well. It is an amazing experience to receive help from God in personal needs we need help with through His living apostles. Without a doubt God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and speaks to his chosen leaders today, as He did before, and will forever. 

Hope all is well and warm at home. Things might have a chance of getting warmer here.

Lep pozdrav,
Starešina Benson

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