Wednesday, April 3, 2013

First Impressions

Hello all family and friends!!

Hope all is well in the warm lands of America. Here in Celje/Slovenia, Winter just really doesn't want to go away. If it hasn't been snowing today, it's been raining and windy. But then again, you can't get paradisaical green plants out of nothing right?

The first week has been fine, both super busy and not. Elder Simon has been in charge of most everything since I have no idea where anything is in Celje, who any of the members are, or who are the people they were meeting with. But over all, it is a great place. One of the most amazing things about this branch is how active and integrated some of the members are with each other. It really is a miracle to see brothers and sisters in the gospel spending time with each other and strengthening each other outside of Sunday and gospel related things. The gospel really is not meant to be something you think about only on Sunday, or do out of tradition, but is something which penetrates every part of your life. It influences how you think in a way that the things which are really important, each other, instead of self and materials, become your outlook and priority. It gives peace knowing why we are here, where we are going, and to what source we can look to for help and peace out of our trials and troubles we all, sooner if not later, face. 

But life in Celje really will go on. The people here are great and I believe with all the people we are meeting with now (since we combined Elder Simon's people with the sister's who left Celje last week), Celje will grow. I am grateful for the opportunity to help the children of God here in Celje and know that with the Savior's help and the help of each other, we can do amazing things which before would have seemed impossible. I have faith in this and know that it is possible and will happen.

Hope you all are safe and warm and dry back in the English speaking states.

LP (Lep Pozdrav)(Beautiful Greetings)
-Starešina Benson

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