Monday, March 25, 2013

Kralj Kranja je preselil

Pozdrav Family and Friends!!
So, to start, A LOT has changed in the last week. A LOT.
Kralj Kranja je preselil.
Kralj Kranja - Currently in the mission, I am basically the ˝King of Kranj˝ because I have been there the most of any other mission in the entire mission. I love Kranj and the people there so much and have gotten to know them really well.
preselil je - However, ˝he moved˝. I am no longer in Kranj.
This week is the beginning of another transfer, which we have ever 9 weeks. With the end of every cycle (with a few exceptions like what happened with me and Elder Bateman) we have the chance of moving to a new area and getting a new companion, staying but getting a new companion, or nothing changing what so ever. I have now experienced both.
This last Thursday night, knowing transfers were soon, but not expecting them until Friday, we got a call from the Zone leaders in Ljubljana, telling Elder Wilson that he will be staying in Kranj, while I will be moving tooooo...... Celje!!!!
And so , from the point of right now of writing this letter, I am sitting in the Celje library, looking out the window at snow falling in Celje instead of Kranj. Celje is slightly bigger than Kranj, with about 50,000 people instead of 40,000 people. It is another city set at the intersection of two rivers just about in the middle of Slovenia, between Ljubljana and Maribor, and is a bit more industrial and built up. It has its own branch (church) here though! (No more 30 minute car rides to church every Sunday!) And the area has been having a good amount of success in the last few months.
Also, another interesting thing with the transfer, is that President Rowe took the Sister companionship out of Celje (before there was one Elder's companionship and one Sister's companionship.) And so, we again have the whole city to ourselves. But this also means we inherit all, ALL of the people the sisters were meeting with also, in addition to all the people the Elders had here before as well. It is going to be a nice and busy transfer!
And so my new companion is Elder Simon. He actually came into Slovenia along with Elder Wilson, my last companion and the Elder I trained in Kranj, so he's only been in country for 2 months. He's also, originally from Utah, Bounitful Area, and also, didn't have the opportunity to go to college before coming out, but is planning on going into exercise science. He's a great guy and we should hopefully do miraculous things together here as well.
This weekend, Sunday specifically, we District Conference (like Stake Conference) in Slovenia. What that means is that all the members in all of Slovenia came to the Ljubljana church on Sunday and we had a great, amazing meeting. President and Sister Rowe spoke, as well as a general authority from Germany came down. It was an amazing conference and was fantastic to see all the people from Slovenia together in one place.
One of the talks given (little sermons you could say) was about how Jesus Christ is like a doctor for our lives. Last Sunday was the day he would have entered triumphantly into Jerusalem for the final week of his life, to glories and praises, of the great Savior he was. But throughout the course of the week, he had to go and experience the pains of all the people of the world, to fully know and be able to prescribe and give the medicine we need in our lives to be emotionally and spiritually healed. He is like the doctor who is helping a person overcome chemotherapy, but instead of the painful procedure being administered to the patient, Jesus experienced the pain, so that we as the patient can be healed without going through the torture of the medicine. That is the miracle of what we call the Atonement of Jesus Christ. This, and the reality that he rose from the dead, proving his work, and that we can rise too if we are humble and come to him is the true significance of Easter.
I hope everyone has a strong and restful Easter holiday.
The Best, from Celje-
-Starešina Benson

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