Monday, March 4, 2013


Hello all family and friends!!

Hope everyone has been well with the weather changes, school beginning
to ramp up, and work moving on.

Here in Slovenia, the winter is finally starting to lose it's grip.
This week I think I've seen just as much sun as I have in the past 3
months. Its a great thing. Also, the sun is up in the morning now when
elder Wilson and I are waking up nice and early at 6:30 in the morning
(1:30 PM Central time?) The nights are still bone chillingly cold
below freezing, but the days are increasingly and increasingly nice. I
hope this only increases to get better as we move forward through the

This week, we've had a great week of helping people progress to the
Savior Jesus Christ and come to know him more and more. The seeds we
have gathered and prevented from being cast into the cold of winter
are beginning to take seed. As the next few weeks progress, it will be
interesting to see what kind of fruits these seeds we have been
nurturing will manifest into.

Also this week, we reestablished contact with a family who had met
with missionaries a long long time ago and were warmly welcomed into
their home at the first meeting at the door step. They are a good
family and eagerly invited us to come back.

Through the dark of winter (and cold), times can seem as if little is
being done. But as time moves forward, with continued nurture and care
through the winter of our efforts, the seeds gathered from the Fall
can begin to sprout into glorious result. Such is the parable of the
seed of faith in Alma 32: 28-43. As we plant the seeds of faith with
the people we meet, and help them nurture that seed, it will grown
within them to a greater knowledge, peace, and direction in life than
they had had before in life.

This week and the next few will be interesting to see how it all
begins to grow, the plants of spring and the people we meet.

Much care-
Starešina Benson

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