Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring is Springing

Hello all family and friends!!

As is the norm I feel like now with these letters, I usually start talking about the weather. SPRING IS STARTING!!!!!!! The snow is mostly melted off the fields now. Just the big clumps are still around which really piled up from the snow plows. It's been a mixture of rain, drizzle, sun, and fog for the past week. And the first flowers of the year popped up yesterday! Not that it doesn't mean that it's still cold. Just that I can take the liner out of my heavy coat now and I don't have to wear my scarf everywhere I go now. (Which is a good thing because I think I left it at some one's house. Oops!!)

This week has also been a great week in terms of work also. We found a bunch of new people who are interested in meeting with us, and a younger kid we've been meeting with is beginning to progress towards baptism. It truly is amazing how, when you do your part and go out and work work work, the Lord shows you just how much He has been working before you even arrived to prepare the people you are meeting to first come into contact with you to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ. Elder Wilson and I are not alone in this work, but rather there are whole concords of people, and the greatest of all, God involved in this effort as well.

We are promised as missionaries, and you could even say every person in the world is promised this as well, that the field is white, already to harvest, or in other words, that the place of our labor, the place we work, is already prepared for our success. We just have to ˝thurst in your sickle with all your might˝, or work work work, to gather what has already been prepared, or already grown for our benefit.Whether it is missionary work in your personal area, whether it is success in your school or job or recreation, success has been prepared for you before you even started or arrived. All we simply have to do is be a willing instrument and have faith in this promise, and because it comes from God, it WILL be fulfilled because God's promises must be. But rather if we don't look. If we don't endeavor (se truditi in Slovene), if we don't thrust our sickle with our might and only stare at the beautiful potential, there is no chance of having success. True success only comes through the Lord, marginal success comes from our own hard work with out His help and promises.

I've really learned this lesson really well this week, and I hope everyone, regardless of which labor you perform, recognize that the potential we have is greater than we can imagine, and we are guaranteed it if we labor in faith and humility that we are not alone in what we do.

Hope you have a great week. I heard Spring Break is coming up. Enjoy!!

-Starešina Benson

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