Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Hello all family and friends!!
To start with the usual weather report, I think Spring has finally arrived, a bit later than normal, but finally, it is here. The weather today is going to be up to the 20's C (around 70 F) and there isn't a single cloud in the sky. The flowers which started to bloom well over a month ago now are starting to fill the fields with color, and leaves are returning to the trees. Life is well.
This week, big big changes are coming the Celje, again. Initially, President Rowe, the Mission President pulled sisters out of Celje because there weren't enough Sisters in Slovenia, and so Celje pulled up the slack. However, due to some, recent, events, which have transpired in Maribor, the Maribor sisters are going to be splitting their time now, half in Maribor half in Celje (but more time in Celje ;-)!! It is going to be wonderful. This will be the first time in my mission where I have served in a city with more than one missionary companionship. Kranj was alone, and Celje has been alone for the last 3ish weeks.  But it will be great. We have so many people to meet with now, with us being the only ones here, that I don't know if it's even physically possible. My planner, where we think about what to talk about with people, this week doesn't have enough room to hold all the names and plans! So it is truly a Godsend. Then again, there are missionaries the in the world, even in our own mission who would wish to be so stacked with visits, to not have any other free time. But it will all be good.
This week also, in Celje, we had a missionary return. He's from Celje, born and raised, and came back home after serving an honorable two year mission in South Salt Lake City. He is wonderful and it is a great pick up to the branch here in Cleje. Everyone is incredibly happy to see him home.
This week we met with an older lady who has connections with the branch here in Celje. She is incredibly nice and positive about the church, but seems to be perfectly content sitting in the middle ground of recognizing the church is good, but not that it is something for her in her life. I hope the Lord will direct us and her and help her receive a witness directly from God as to her purpose and path in life, and that the church is more than just a good organization, but rather the means of obtaining eternal joy, life, and happiness with her family.
Hope all is well and warm at home.
Muč luv-
-Starešina Benson

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