Monday, January 27, 2014

First time in Maribor and the calm before the storm

Hello all family and friends!!!
This week has been an interesting week. We finally had our first snow since a light overnight dusting a month or two ago. It snowed for the majority of the day on Friday, stopping around sunset (at like 4:30). But of course none of it was very good. Here in the city we didn't get very much, maybe just like an inch, and none of it was very good. Practically all slush falling to the ground, and instantly melting  in many places when it hit the ground. But it did color (or rather decolonize) the place. There is still snow on the northern facing slopes and north slopping roofs too where the sun can't hit yet. But it won't last long if it doesn't snow again, which it doesn't look like it will soon.
This week, we had my first exchange as a zone leader. I went up to serve the day in Maribor (that was Wednesday) with Elder Stott who has been in Maribor some 10 weeks, while Elder Dereanger who just moved to Maribor from Ljubljana came back to Ljubljana to be with Elder Burdette. It was a great experience, and actually my first time ever serving as a missionary in Maribor.
I arrived in time to help teach English class and then be at a branch activity afterwards.
Then, the next day started. We had a few things in the plan, but nothing in the morning until 12, so Elder Stott and I went out and talked to nearly every single person walking along the river from 10:30 to noon. It was a great experience and we met a lot of great people, and had the opportunity to teach and hand out a copy of the Book of Mormon. The exchange was great for Elder Stott, as it gave him the opportunity to see a different style of missionary work than before.
Afterwards, we had the opportunity to teach a less active member whom they were teaching for the first time. Then, using a list of people who had met with missionaries in the past, we went around contacting people and seeing if they were interested in meeting again,. We set up with two people right their at their doorsteps to meet with the Maribor elders for the next week. At the end of the night, we came to one person where we knew which apartment building he lived in, but nothing more exact, and so we went through the building watching for him, ultimately however, we didn't find him. However, the very last man, looking about 25-30 years old said he was interested in what we had to share, and so we set up with him for the next week as well. A total of 3 lessons set up for next week.
Otherwise in Ljubljana, this week has largely been a week of meeting with some of our great active members and inviting them to act, some of whom haven't met with missionaries in many months. also, we have been reevaluating and planning how we should go about doing missionary work in our area. Here's to hoping this week will hold some great success and new people as we go out and apply the things we have prepared!
I hope you all have great and inspired weeks as well.
Take care and stay warm!!
-Starešina Benson

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