Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Welcome to the big city - Ljubljana

Živijo, živijo, živijo
Hello all family and friends. The end of an era in my mission has come, and a new beginning has begun. With this, last Tuesday, my time in Celje came to an end, I have officially been transferred after 10 months to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenija. Ljubljana has the biggest population of Slovenija, a MASSIVE 250,000 people. As well as the oldest and most developed one branch in Slovenija with about 60-70 people at church on Sunday. It has been a big change from Celje to say the least. Ljubljana is at least a real, proper city.
With the move and the adjusting has also come new responsibilities. I am now the Zone leader for Slovenia, meaning I represent the mission President for all of Slovenija, and am the connection between him and the missionaries here. It has all been a lot to take in, but it helps that I was in Kranj a year ago so I already know most of the members here in Ljubljana. But the weather didn't help the transfer. It was clear on Monday, then the moment we went outside with my luggage, it started to rain, and has basically been raining ever since until last night. But who knows, normally it would be cold enough right about now that that rain should normally be snow. Could always be worse. ;-)
This week, I went to English class in Ljubljana for the first time, and we had a great lesson. The zone leader companionship teaches the advanced class, which is all in English of course. At the end of the lesson, we invited everyone to a short spiritual thought which we lead, and everyone was invited to take part in if they so wished.
One of those people who stayed was from Bosnia, and was very interested in what we taught. I spoke with him after, asked if he wanted to meet with us to talk about faith more, and got his number. Two days later, we had a good lesson with him about God and the importance, vitality, and necessity of family. As we were finishing however and about to go, he said ˝Wait! My parents are coming! I want you to meet them!˝ So we waited another five minutes, when his mom and dad whom he had just talked about came in. We then proceeded to have another discussion with his parents over a lunch they hastily prepared for us. The good, but strange thing about Bosnian hospitality, they force the goodness and charity on you, and never want you to leave. And so about 2.5 hours after we first arrived, we finally were able to force ourselves out. A good visit, but very draining.
Otherwise I hope you all are well and happy in America. I hope the horrid cold that gripped America is coming to an end. We are still exceptionally warm here in Slovenija, thus all the rain.
Well and warm wishes-
-Starešina Benson

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