Monday, January 13, 2014


Dear Family and Friends,

My time in Celje is coming to an end. After 10 months being here, I am moving to Ljubljana to be Zone Leader with my MTC companion, Elder Burdette!!! It is super exciting!!!!!!!  I am really grateful too, that the snow has been really late in Slovenija this year, as I came to Celje in the snow in late March, and would be leaving in the snow as well (a full cycle). But it is not to be. :-)

My visa (after a ridiculous 2 long months) has finally come in. I will be picking it up after I move to Ljubljana tomorrow.

My memorization of the sermon on the mount hit a slow point after I finished Matt 5. Riding bikes instead of walking around everywhere is not all that conducive to looking at a book and memorizing. But there are no bikes in Ljubljana, just buses, so there should be more opportunities now. We shall see.

We took down the Christmas decorations in the church this week.

I will send pictures next week probably. I have planned to get pictures of all the important people from Celje, as well as their addresses.

We have been going around visiting a lot of people before I head out. It has been a great week. Next week in Slovenija it is rumored to be really rainy and even potentially snowy. We shall see. A... interesting introduction to Ljubljana I suppose.

Much Love,
-Starešina Benson

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