Monday, May 26, 2014

Busy week of work

Lep Pozdrav!!!!!!
Slovenia this week has been quite nice weather, mostly all gray and warm getting up to a warm (warm to the Slovenes and the Utah missionaries) 25 C or 80 F thereabouts. For me personally, I cannot wait for it to be even warmer. :-)
That is, it was warm until this morning. About an hour or two ago a massive front came in all of a sudden and started dropping tons of rain and thunder. The thunder has stopped now, but it is still pouring. Good thing we had planned a relaxing and much needed rest p-day today.
This week has been a week full of work. No worries friends, Elder Benson is definitely not getting lazy as the end approaches. My companion Elder Stott won't let me slow down. Rather, we have worked really really hard this week. None the less, we haven't seen all that much success, but we have met tons of great people.
I was also on an exchange this week as well with Celje. I stayed in Ljubljana while Elder Hunt in Celje came down to spend the day with me. That night after teaching English class, we had a little time before going home, so we tried getting in contact with the 15 year old we teach, but he wasn't home. So instead we began walking back. But I personally set a goal that i wanted to talk to 3 people before we made it the 15 minute walk home. So we are going, I didn't tell Elder Hunt this goal, and there is absolutely no one on the street. Finally, about 5 minutes from home, we pass a grandfather and his granddaughter, and I talk to them for a moment, but they don't have time and so they went past. So we are really close to home now, approaching the intersection right outside of our place, thinking maybe we should go around for a little bit more, when a younger girl in her 20's comes across the street obviously dressed to go for a run. I say hello and she immediately says hi back and asks how we are. We then had a great little talk at the street corner. She had met missionaries once in Slovakia while traveling, but they couldn't speak their language very well. She was just so amazed though, that we were here as Americans and could speak such great Slovene! She was just in awe. So we got her phone number and set up to meet her that weekend with one of our members present to discuss what we believe. We met and it was really great. She was very open and curious, but in the end she said she didn't really want to act on our message and find out if it was true. It was none the less a great experience though and the seeds have been planted.
Otherwise, the week has been very busy, which is a good thing. It is never fun as a missionary to have nothing to do. Otherwise have a great busy week as well!!
z ljubeznijo-
-Starešina Benson

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