Monday, May 19, 2014

The beginning of the final push forward

Hello all family and friends!!
As I found out this morning, apparently there is massive devastation in Bosnia and Serbia this week from flooding. In Slovenija, there has been no damage, a good amount of rain, but nothing out of the ordinary. However, as it is in the same mission, we have heard of the humanitarian aid work being activated in that area now, and the missionaries down in Bosnia and Serbia being activated to help clean up.
But meanwhile, the sun has been in and out of Slovenia this week. While it has rained every day this week, the sun has also been out every day as well, so the weather hasn't been too strange. Just a bit cooler than normal.
The first week with Elder Stott, my new companion has been great as well. We have worked hard and have had many great experiences so far.
This week also, Friday morning we coordinated with all the Slovene missionaries to have a group prayer before we all went out to work that morning. We did a round, where one missionary started, then we went through everyone in the zone one by one, each adding their portion of the prayer to the end when the last person to pray closed it. It was a great spiritual experience, and we saw so many miracles that day.
Some of the miracles we experienced, were the 15 year old kid we teach had disappeared for a week or two, after we had taught him pretty much everything. Then he called Friday afternoon, asking to meet with us! He is doing well, now reading the Book of Mormon on his own and really enjoying it, which was one of his struggles before. He also came with us to church Sunday, his first in 3 weeks since he started to disappear. That Friday we also saw and talked to his mom and set up with her to teach the whole family this week.
Also this week, we met a man the other elders talked to on the street who lived in our area. He is incredibly prepared and told us he wanted to be baptized, and we just needed to teach him and tell him when and where. He really knows his Bible though, quoting multiple verses on end. My mouth hung open a few times as I just listened to him quote the new testament. We are moving forward a bit cautiously with him as there are some obvious... peculiarities with him... but we shall see how it develops in the coming weeks.
Great things are happening. We also had a ton of people in church this week more than normal, but it is all slowly rising more and more.
As I slowly come to the close of my mission, I personally have three goals I want to accomplish before I finish my mission in a now single digit amount of weeks.
1) The most important, to finish strong, working to the end.
2) For some of you, this may seem strange, but I have gotten really serious on my mission, and I need to relax again. So goal? Be less serious. :-)
3) As many return missionaries probably know, missions are great for your soul, and not the best usually on your body. I have atrophied a lot on my mission, and so to keep working out to have regained some of the muscle I once had when I reported.
In addition to all of this, i also have the goal to finish the Book of Mormon again before I leave.
These are the things to achieve. great things are happening, and with the help of God, all of this is possible.
I hope you all have equally miraculous weeks. Well wishes to everyone across the ocean!
-Starešina Benson

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