Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Miracles and changes. Things are speeding up!

This week has been quite... busy. It has rained nearly every day of the week, but at the same time been great weather. Just strange big storms have come up every day and rained A LOT for a few hours before clearing our for the night. Then the next day the same.
This week otherwise has been really busy. I went up to Maribor for an exchange with Elder Dearinger. Then right after I got back to Ljubljana, Elder Burdette and I turned around to head to Zagreb for the day for a leadership meeting. Then Friday we and the other Ljubljana Elders went to a town to the south called Postojna to advertise for a big event happening this next week. So really the only days Elder Burdette and I had together were Saturday and Sunday.
But the big event, this weekend, the BYU chamber orchestra is coming to Slovenija as part of their international tour. They will be here on Sunday, and are having a fireside on Sunday. Then on Monday they are holding a charity concert in a small town called Logatec for the firefighters. The town had a big flood a few months back, and so has been stressed with the clean up, and so we hope to help! We've been advertising for it in the other surrounding towns, Elder Lyman, Simon, Burdette, and I going to Postojna. It should be great!
Otherwise, also this week we had a little miracle. So the kids we have been teaching, the 15 year old is still doing well. We've nearly taught him everything, he just needs permission from his mom to get baptized. But he had his other friend we were also teaching a bit who is 17 years old. However, about 2 months ago, they got in a fight, and the 17 year old disappeared. We taught him a few times after the fight, then we lost all contact with him, until yesterday!
We were sitting in church yesterday in a great testimony meeting (first Sunday of the month of course) and I got a text from the branch president's councilor who was sitting on the stand saying he thought he saw our friend outside, but he probably didn't have the courage to come in. So I grabbed Elder Burdette and we went out into the hallway to look, only to find to my horror that one of the weird stalker people was there, who usually goes to Celje. I quickly went back into the chapel, texting the councilor back who was here. Then about 5 minutes later, the wife of the family who was sitting in front of us came back from the hallway cause she went out to calm her baby down, and told us that our friend who we used to teach was outside. I didn't believe it. By the mouth of two witnesses something has to be true, right? So Elder Burdette and I went back outside, walking past the stalker guy, going downstairs, and there in the hallway, was our 17 year old friend who had disappeared!!!
He apologized for being late, and losing contact. His phone had died and didn't have money for a new one, neither did he remember our number, but he knew exactly where we would be on Sunday morning at 10am! We set up with him there, and set up for him meeting with his 15 year old friend. Long story short, they are friends again, and we are meeting with him again! It's a miracle! I didn't understand why he had disappeared even though everything seemed to have been going great.
Things are going really well otherwise. There are a few changes. Elder Wilson whom I trained at the beginning of my mission who was transferred to Croatia 6 weeks ago is now assistant to President. President is also moving up the next transfer by one week to move things faster, and since no one new is coming out, so this upcoming week will actually be the last week of the transfer. Elder Burdette and I will most likely change. This will be both of our last transfer on the mission. Weird. 10 weeks left after this week........... So we will see what happens. Otherwise we have zone conference for all of Slovenija on Friday. I'm super excited for it!! Mother's Day is of course this weekend as well, the same day as the BYU fireside, meaning the last time I'll get to see my parents before seeing them in person!
Everything is moving well. Hope you all are safe, happy, and being strong!
Well wishes for a good week!
-Starešina Benson

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